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Trụ sở:  4/1B lương Định Của ,Phường Bình Khánh , Quận 2
Quy mô nhân sự:  20 - 150 người
Website:  http://www.servodynamics.com.vn
Servo Dynamics Group: A Leading Automation & Industrial Solution Provider
• Incorporation in October 1986, Servo Dynamics Pte Ltd (SD) is one of the leading Motion Control and Industrial PC solution provider in Singapore.

• Our past decades of experience in the field of motion control, power transmission, mechanical components, industrial computers and automation software guarantees high quality solutions.

• Established network of offices in China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

• Consolidating and grouping all companies under ISDN Holdings Limited and listed in Singapore Stock Exchange Mainboard on 24th Nov 2005.

Servo Dynamics Engineering Co Ltd, Vietnam (SDE)
(Công Ty TNHH Kỹ Thuật Động Lực Servo)
A Leading Automation & Industrial Solution Provider

• Servo Dynamics Engineering (SDE) is a subsidiary of Servo Dynamics Singapore (SD).

• We have established our presence since 2006 as a representative office in Vietnam and extended our presence to incorporate in Vietnam by 2012.

• Our Vision is to be the leader in distribution in Industrial equipment & providing Engineering Solutions to our value customers.

• With a strong team of experience engineers, we are confident that we are able to provide a total solution for Industrial Automation needs, as well as Mechanical & Electrical installation for turnkey projects.

• We also provide maintenance services for Automation, Mechanical and electrical platform.

• In order to enhance your operation productivity, we also offer standard training, or even tailored training in Automation system to suit your plant floor needs.

• In conclusion, we are committed to provide you with the most intensive services and solutions through our global network of trained professionals, whom will help you to select the right products, solution and technology to solve your business challenges and achieve your goals.
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